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Tis the season to be pet safe!

Christmas and New Years are a fun time of year but it can also mean greater health risks for our pets. Food Certain foods can be toxic to dogs and cats and fattier or richer foods can trigger gastro...
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How to Be a Great Fur Parent

How to Be a Great Fur Parent Making the decision to own a pet can present a very exciting feeling! Pets offer a great sense of companionship and they are the world’s best representation of what it me...
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Pukky the Groodle and her Surgery

Meet Pukky the 11 year old, golden groodle.  She’s been coming to the Holland Park Vet Clinic for routine visits over the years but in February this year it was a more concerning visit. Pukky’s left ...
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Anal Glands cause Butt Scooting

Is your dog a butt scooter or carpet surfer? A dog with an itchy bottom is frequently associated with intestinal worms but there is another cause which is probably more common. Impacted or blocked an...
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