Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Rewarding 2018.

All the best for a great holiday season of enjoyment for you and all your pets.

Here are some sensible tips that you may be aware of already!
Remember best to keep your pets on a regular diet over the festive period – avoid such things as ham, pork crackle, fatty foods and treats in general that may trigger pancreatitis and of course avoid chocolate. Be wary of accidental intake when you are eating any of the above whilst your pets are around. Also beware intake of things that are not meant to be eaten eg Christmas decorations such as tinsel, beads and baubles, stuffed toys etc. Keep them busy with kongs and acceptable treats.

In general , other things that are currently seasonal that can be a danger or discomfort to your pet are storms ( anxiety and phobia) and heat stress. If thunder and lightning causes great distress to your pet the general plan would be to bring them indoors to a safe , secure environment and perhaps “crating them”. Consider Pheromone sprays and collars, thunder jackets and if needed anti-anxiety medication.

For those lucky pets accompanying their owners on special holidays you may need to consider if they travel well. Again some anti-anxiety medication may help with car travel , but only if really needed. Maintain all their regular medication such as heartworm and tick prevention. If they are heading off to boarding kennels or catteries then just check their vaccinations are up to date. Perhaps an alternative is to consider a reputable pet sitter.

We will be open all days apart from the public holidays and Sundays. Please give us a call if you need any help or guidance. Above all, have a great holiday season.