Our caring and compassionate veterinary care team!

Meet the Veterinarians & our Nursing Team of Holland Park and Carina Veterinary Clinics! Our goal is to provide exceptional vet care for your pets and friendly , personal service to their human carers! We will always try to deliver our best.

Please call us at 07-3397-4664 for Holland Park & 07-3398-8229 for Carina to speak to one of our caring veterinary team members!


Lisca Martinez

Veterinarian & Practice Owner (BVSc)

Clinics: Holland Park and Carina 

Lisca grew up in North Queensland before moving to Brisbane to finish high school and attend Vet School at University of Queensland. After graduating in 1997, she moved back to Townsville for the first few years of veterinary life. It was an interesting start in a rapidly growing practice and included work at Magnetic Island and looking after the Koalas at Koala Park. She then ventured overseas travelling and working through the UK and spent a short time working in a small animal practice in Shanghai. After returning to Brisbane she has worked mainly in her local community including work at Stones Corner, Yeronga, Bulimba and Holland Park and Carina. Lisca is very excited to be back with Holland Park and Carina Veterinary Clinics and hopes to see the practices producing the best of patient care and develop strong bonds with the community.
Lisca enjoys continuous learning and has special interests in Ophthalmology and geriatric health, but enjoys all the variation the general small animal practice has to offer. Lisca’s house is home to Elton the geriatric cat, Roger the Boxer, Stella the little rescue terrier cross and 3 chickens.


Georgina Lowson

Veterinarian & Practice Owner (BVSc (Hons))

Clinics: Carina Vet Clinic

I graduated from University of Queensland School of Veterinary Science in 1996 with first class honors. Since graduating I have worked in many small animal practices including Victoria, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Brisbane. Over the last 13 years I have lived locally and worked in busy Small Animal Practices in South East Brisbane. I have had the privilege to work with pet owners to provide a high standard of veterinary care to the local community. As I am passionate about providing the best quality veterinary health care to your pets! To ensure I provide the most up to date veterinary science to your pets, I have kept up with continuing education including multiple Sydney University CVE courses in small animal internal medicine, small animal surgery, and radiology. I also regularly attend many smaller courses, conferences and seminars in small animal anesthetics, analgesia, trauma, emergency medicine and dentistry just to name a few. Outside of work I am kept very busy with my husband and 2 daughters often enjoying various equestrian pursuits, the hobby we all share. Our extended family includes many much loved animals including our two cats ‘Jemima’ and ‘Tiddles’, cheeky Jack Russel Terrier ‘Peanut’ and and of course our 2 horses Rickey and Mallory Square’! I am looking forward to meeting all our clients new and old and welcoming many more as we grow the practices into the future. Exciting times ahead!


Tamara Stegeman

Veterinarian (BVSc (Hons))

Clinic: Holland Park Vet Clinic

Dr Tamara graduated from the University of Queensland in 2004 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours).

Following university, Dr Tamara worked in mixed practice in Rockhampton before travelling to the UK for 4 years where she worked exclusively with small animals, pocket exotic pets and travelled extensively to many countries.

Dr Tamara has been a part of the Holland Park Team since 2021 and gains joy from the long-term relationships she has built with patients and clients. Throughout Dr Tamara’s career she has undertaken many hours of continuing education to ensure that the most up to date knowledge and techniques can be passed on to your pet.

Dr Tamara’s areas of interest as a vet include Internal Medicine, Preventative care, Geriatric health, Dermatology, Diagnostic imaging, Soft tissue Surgery and Dentistry. Her greatest joy comes from investigating complex cases and developing practical solutions for both the client and patient.

When Dr Tamara is not solving pet health problem’s she is spending time with her husband, 2 boys and their much loved and entertaining fur baby Astrid a miniature Schnauzer. 

Jess Roberts

Veterinarian (BVSc (Hons))

Clinic: Carina Veterinary Clinic

Qualification/particular interests: I graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Hons) in 2020 and completed a rotating internship with Veterinary Specialist Services in 2021. I have a particular interest in internal medicine and dachshunds.

Favourite animal: Giraffes

Pets at home: I have a miniature dachshund named Violet and a cat named Flynn.

Hobbies: Travelling, PC gaming, exploring with my dog

Music Genre of choice: I will honestly listen to anything!

Favourite saying/quote: "Honey, where's my super suit?"

Sora Kotaka

Veterinarian (BVSc (Hons))

Clinic: Holland Park and Carina Vet Clinics

Qualification/particular interests: I have completed a Bachelor of Veterinary Science with Honours at the University of Queensland. My interests include managing feathered and scaled patients (including looking after wildlife) and preventative medicine.

Favourite animal: Cats and ducks!

Pets at home: I am slowly collecting a zoo of my own at home, with a Ragdoll x, Quaker parrot, Cockatiel and multiple species of fish keeping me busy!

Hobbies: Travelling, playing with my cat and various forms of arts and crafts.

Music Genre of choice: RnB, Indie and Rap.

Simone Flint

Veterinarian (BVSc (Hons))

Clinic: Carina Veterinary Clinic

Kathryn Elliott

Veterinarian (B.V.Sc MPhil (Vet Sci))

Clinic: Holland Park Vet Clinic

I graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1990 and worked initially in country Victoria and Melbourne. After seeing the light I moved up, with my husband, to hot and sunny Queensland in 1997. I enjoy working as a veterinarian and helping pet owners give their pets the best quality of life. I am presently working part-time at Holland Park Veterinary Clinic.  In my spare time Spend time with my daughter and  I pursue my study for a PhD in Canine Cancer Immunotherapeutics and have recently done a post graduate course in small animal surgery. 

Favourite animals: dogs, cats and birds - can't choose, love them all

Pets at home: one spoiled cockatiel

Hobbies: reading, walking, watching dramas, photography

Music Genre of choice: Popular music

Favourite saying/quote: Don't expect, just accept

Jenny Miller

Veterinarian (B.V.Sc)


Clinic: Holland Park Vet Clinic

I graduated from University of Queensland in 1988. In the early years after graduation I worked at Maroochydore, Bli Bli & Bribie Island. Since then I’ve worked at Holland Park & Carina Clinics, initially full time & now part time at Holland Park. . I have also enjoyed a few years working part time at TAFE which was a great experience.

My main interest is in small animal medicine  and particularly dermatology , because we see a ;lot of skin problemsI I gain satisfaction negotiating with pets, with their quirky behaviours and varied personalities, and providing advice and guidance to their caring owners!

Favourite animal: Dogs & wild birds

Pets at home: Woody, the "I'm not spoilt " greyhound. and some pond fish, Our pets are currently at a low point, I'm sure their numbers will rise again.
My hobbies  include: Reading, time out for a coffee, camping, travelling , bush walking. movies/ SBS  on demand, and intermittent bike riding. 

Music Genre of choice: No specific genre, I thought I didn't like country.

Favourite saying/quote - The Red Wheelbarrow:

'So much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens.'  by William Carlos Williams



Senior Vet Nurse

Clinic: Holland Park

Experience - Daniela joined our team in 2000 as a trainee and now is one of our valued senior staff. She takes great pride in managing our IT and Practice technology. In her spare time she enjoys camping and 4-wheel driving with her family and photography. 



Veterinary Nurse (Certificate III in Animal Studies )

Clinic: Holland Park Vet Clinic

Qualifications/Particular Interests: I have a Certificate III in Animal Studies and I'm currently working towards my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. I particularly enjoy taking radiographs and grooming patients (such as cat clips).

Favourite Animal: I absolutely adore giraffes.

Pets at Home: At home, I have quite and lively bunch! There are two border collies, Willie and Jessie, a playful Jack Russell named Dolly, Nelson and Lady the cats, and five magnificent horses: Jack, Lulu, Miss, Summer, and Bailey.

Hobbies: In my free time, I love horseback riding and diving into the world of video games.

Music Genre of Choice: I'm a country music enthusiast through and through.

Favourite Saying/Quote: One of my favorites is "Life is a journey, not a destination." It reminds me to enjoy the ride and appreciate every moment along the way.


Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV Vet Nursing )

Clinic: Holland Park and Carina Vets 

Qualification: I have been working as a Level 4 Veterinary Nurse for 5 years. Particular interests in surgical and medical nursing.

Favourite animal: Couldn’t possibly pick one, but I have a soft spot for cats and Black Labradors.

Pets at home: 2 cats, Bagheera & Luna

Hobbies: Anything outdoors! Love the beach and travelling.


Senior Vet Nurse

Clinic: Carina Vet Clinic

Qualifications and special interests - I have done extra studies in anaesthetics, fluid therapy, emergency and critical care and pain management.

I love working with our feline patients and also have my own rescue kitten adoption program.

I also enjoy meeting new patients and building relationships with their families, offering support and advice where ever I can.

Favourite animal: I love them all except maybe toads and cockroaches

Pets at home: 2 dogs Nordic, a golden retriever and Rocco, a longhair chihuahua. I have 3 cats Waldo, Naomi and Kiko who are all from my rescue. 2 cockatiels Simon and Coleen,  who are also rescue birds and 3 rescue guinea pigs Nicholas, Andrew and Cotton.

Hobbies: When I'm not at work I love spending time with my animals and taking my dogs on outings, bush walking with the dogs and gardening.

Going out to see live music, I enjoy  anything from classical to heavy rock.



Veterinary Nurse (Studying toward a Certificate IV Vet Nursing )

Clinic: Carina Vet Clinic

I have worked in the animal industry for over 6 years and as a Veterinary Nurse for 2 years. I have a passion for all animal care but do have a special interest in our wildlife and avian species. I have volunteered for over 4 years in many animal organizations including wildlife. I love to help nurture and rehabilitate all animals.

My favourite animals are Monkeys. They are so cuuute!

I have 3 dogs, Pumpkin - Mastiff, Flynn - Border Collie x, Dolly - Kelpie x and Bailey - 1 rainbow lorikeet who is a complete nutcase in the best way possible.

In my spare time I love gardening.

I love listening to all types of music. Metal, RnB, Country.

"no fate but what we make".


Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing)

Clinic: Holland Park Vets 

Qualifications/particular Interests: I hold a Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing, with a keen focus on surgery and emergency care, where every moment counts.

Favourite Animal: While I appreciate all creatures, I have a soft spot for the enchanting sugar glider with its graceful gliding abilities and adorable appearance.

Pets at Home: Meet Leo, my sassy feline companion, and Jackson, the sweetest boy cat you'll ever meet. They bring endless joy to my home.

Hobbies: Outside of the clinic, I immerse myself in the virtual worlds of gaming, lose myself in the pages of a good book, challenge myself with hiking trails, and conquer new heights through rock climbing adventures.

Music Genre of Choice: My taste in music knows no bounds; anything catchy is sure to find its way into my playlist.

Favourite Saying/Quote: The quote "Strength doesn't come from what you can do; it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't" resonates deeply with me. As a veterinary nurse, I face challenges that test my abilities. Each hurdle overcome reminds me of my inner strength and resilience, shaping my journey both in the clinic and in life.


Chloe Durston

Veterinary Nurse




Clinic: Holland Park Vet Clinic

Qualification/particular interests: Film and creative media- and making dogs happy!

Favourite animal: Orcas

Pets at home: Max is my beautiful dog in my home town

Hobbies: Painting

Music Genre of choice: Alternative/ indie

Favourite saying/quote: Do one thing every day that scares you.



Clinic: Holland Park and Carina Vet Clinics


Receptionist (Cert 3 in Companion Animal Services)

Clinic: Carina Vet Clinic

Favourite animal: Dog

Pets at home: Bippy a boxer cross and Remi a black and white domestic short hair

Hobbies: Reading, Family time, spending time with friends.

Music Genre of choice: Any!

Favourite saying/quote: Help me!, I've gone full Boyle! 

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